My name is Alessandro Bahgat Shehata (me@abahgat.com) and I am a Software Engineer living in Cambridge, MA who builds software for fun and for profit. I enjoy reading, traveling and, whenever time allows, gaming. Here you can find some information about this blog and about things that I created (alone or with friends).

My profile
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Some stuff that I made

As most geeks, I love building software so much that I spend a significant amount of my spare time writing code, from algorithms and data structures to small products and web applications. Here some examples:


BitLet is a bittorrent client which runs in the browser as a Java applet, thus requiring no local installation. I built it with a friend (hello Daniele! 😉 ) in 2007 and gained quite a bit of traction since the very beginning.

In addition to the plain downloading capabilities, BitLet supports streaming of music and video content over bittorrent and uses UPnP to manage port mappings. I later wrote an extension for Google Chrome that simplifies the use of BitLet. We recently open sourced BitLet’s core code, the UPnP support library and the BitLet for Google Chrome extension.


The first experiment I did with Daniele in our spare time is Novlet, a web application dedicated to people who love writing. It is probably the first “big” project we entirely built by ourselves, and it taught me a lot (although, as you can see, we still had a lot to learn).

We launched Novlet in 2007, and I still remember the feeling we had when we started reading stories in languages we didn’t understand 🙂

Did You Mean?

Did You Mean? is a Redmine plugin I wrote with Mattia to warn users before they enter duplicate issues, in an attempt to mitigate issue tracker misuse. It was inspired by the way Stack Overflow handles the insertion of duplicate questions.A screenshot of the Redmine plugin It designed to warn users before they enter duplicate issues and it does so by performing a search among the existing items right before users submit new ones. The search is based on the issue subject and it is done in the background, in an attempt to make the process as effortless as possible to users.

Other projects

In addition to those items you see here, I participate to hackathons and conferences and work on other smaller projects. You can find some more of the code I wrote on GitHub.

About this blog

Most of the posts on this blog deal with software and all that is behind the craft of building it, from design to engineering, with some occasional digression about other topics. I try to publish a new article every two weeks, here you can find a selection of top posts from the recent past to get an idea about what this blog is about.

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