DVI port no longer working

I’m sharing this story because it may be useful for someone else, as well.

This morning I found out that my monitor (a Packard Bell Maestro 220wdv) was not working anymore. After messing with the cables for a while, it turned out that I wasn’t able to connect anything using DVI, while the two VGA ports were perfectly functional.

I was ready to buy a new DVI cable (hoping that it was not the monitor’s fault) when I found out this forum thread, which stated:

Alright, I had a similar problem to this on a Viewsonic 20″ LCD with exactly the same symptoms you’re describing.

Try this if you haven’t already, UNPLUG THE MONITOR FROM THE WALL.
Power up and I hope you have the same luck I had about a year ago.

To make a long story short, I unplugged the monitor’s power cable and plugged it back a few minutes later, and it started to work again.

Technology is like magic, sometimes…


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