The importance of packaging

Your experience with some products starts as soon as start you tearing the shrink wrap around them.

This is what happened to me last week. I just bought a MacBook and I had been second guessing my choice since I pressed the “Submit” button on the order form.

A few days later, when I received the package from Apple, I was quite curious to see if my new laptop was worth all the money I paid for it.

The feeling I had when I opened the box was impressive: it was not because the package itself was nice to see, but because there was nothing between me and my laptop. I opened the box and the only thing I saw was my shiny new MacBook, without any additional clutter.

MacBook in the box

It was totally different from what I was used to: the previous laptop I bought came in a bulky cardboard box and I had to get rid of a ton of “READ THIS FIRST” papers before even being able to see my PC.

Even if it’s not sufficient by itself to make a good product, packaging certainly made a huge contribution with my experience with my new MacBook.

Although I was impressed by the stylish package, being logged in a couple of minutes after opening the box is what contributed most to my good impression.

MacBook turned on

For those of you that may be questioning, I’m not an Apple fanboy: I’m still spending most of my time on PCs. 😛

Update: I just returned my MacBook to buy a new MacBook Pro, so I’m still waiting for a package from Apple.


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